Trail Love work parties on the Hood River and Mt Hood trails

Hood River Trail Updates

Hey Everyone here is an update on 2019 Trail Love work parties. Riding season is here and the trails in Hood River need a some work after the long winter.

Syncline is up and running but a few things to keep in mind when on the other side of the river. Please stay on the existing trails and do not make “short cut” routes. There has been a lot of new switchback shortcuts being made lately by both hikers and bikers. Please do not aid in the growth of those sections by staying on the original trails. Also heads up that the ticks are starting to come out and the Poison Oak is still a bi issue on some trails over there. If this is a wet spring that will be exacerbated.

Whoopdee is clear and running but it too needs some works after the snow melt and rain drainage. The Poison Oak and ticks will also be an issue there as well.

Post Canyon: Trial Conditions

Post Canyon is melting out fast. A few things to note:

  • Please respect those that built the trails by not riding on them when wet or sloppy. If you leave more than a tire track, it is to sloppy to ride.   Syncline is always dry enough to ride.

  • We are making a real effort to keep the trails updated on Trailforks and on our Trail Conditions page and encourage you to use the app as well as the website.  Please encourage lost visitors to do the same.

  • Upper 8 Track will likely be logged in 2019. HRATS is already starting to work with the county to try to ensure we can create alternative trails, but nothing is firm to date. The County hopes to have the Timber Sale done this summer, but it is unclear when the trails will be affected and trees cut.

Hood River Area Trail Stewards HRATS logo

HRATS will host the following work parties this Spring:

Local groups like “Copper Spur Alpine Team” (CSAT) and “School of Send” are required to do trail work to get a permits to use the County trails. Your hard work can go to these groups if you would like. If you want your hours to go to groups like this, please mention and note this when you sign in.

Eldorado: New upper connector trail

Eldorado is done, but not open yet due to snow and mud in upper Post Canyon.


Enjoy Eldorado, the new non-moto gateway to Upper Post Canyon. Please be aware that most of the trails in Upper Post Canyon are moto trails. You will encounter motor cycles on these trails. They cannot hear you coming, but you can easily hear them. Non-moto users need to pull to the side as you hear them come. This is not difficult to do and will encourage friendly interactions.

An Eldorado Grand Opening will be after the May 11th work party, but you can ride it before then when conditions dry out enough.

Trail Conditions on 44 Trails area

Currently there is anywhere from 2-10’ of snow on all of the 44 trails. HWY 44 is still also closed as of 4/7/19. Below is the list of dates for work parties on all of the 44 trails, please come out and help clean up after a long hard winter of snow!

44 trails logo.png

44 Trails: Work Parties

Full details at

Thanks and we will see you out there!