Elevon MTB Women's Coaching and HRB

Elevon MTB Coaching and Clinics

We are proud to announce our partnership with Elevon MTB Coaching! They offer a unique rider experience of all skill levels for you lady shredders and sometimes the dudes! When you sign up for a clinic you get a demo bike for 50% off!

About Elevon Coaching

We offer opportunities for ladies to attend an all-women's mountain bike clinic, in a supportive, professional environment with licensed Professional Mountain Bike Instructors. We like to focus our curriculum on the fundamental and progressive skills for executing maneuver-based mountain biking. All skill levels of riders are invited to receive individual attention in a group setting, reviewing the basics, and practicing the fundamental skills to build CONFIDENCE and CONTROL of the mountain bike, while riding SAFELY and most importantly, HAVING FUN!

Elevon is passionate about mountain biking
+ private and group instruction available
+ certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBI)
+ more than 8 years experience instructing large groups and individuals
+ based in the pacific northwest
+have bike, will travel. national and international instruction available