44 Trails UPDATE

Hey guys!

Here is an update on the condition of the trails along Road 44. Our folks at 44 Trails are working their butts off to get the area up and running one more year. Blow down has been brutal this year, again, so they have lots to do to clear out the trees, "There's thousands of them!!" they said. So far they have been focusing their efforts on Low Country. Visit their website for more detailed information about their trails, their events and trail work schedules. 

Here is the list of trails that are currently running: 

- LOWER COOKS MEDOWS (still a few trees here and there :S)

- SURVEYOR'S RIDGE running at 100% of its length

- DOG RIVER TRAIL Running great



- 8 MILE LOOP Running good

The trails we mention are clear and good to ride. If you feel adventurous though, feel free to try other trails on the area. We must warn you though: 

"Rest of Low Country has blow down. Ride at your own risk" Forest Service officer and 44 trail boss had to say.

You'll most likely have to jump over a few trees, but it could be worth it... either way, give us a call and let us know how it went! we will make it worthwhile ;D 

Expect High Country to be ready for the 4th of July.

The HRB Committee