We have it, we have it! It is ours!

You know guys, being part of the industry gives us access to some really cool perks. Some of those we like to share with you.

Mount Hood National Forest Officers drop by once in a while to give us valuable info about trail conditions. Trail building associations give us sneak peeks of schedules, new trail construction proposals and more of that jazz.

This time around we got a hold of 44 trails plans for the season.  Here it goes!

JULY 9-10 (Saturday-Sunday)

-Trailgate 2016 - Mountain Biking Festival

-Some info on last year’s:


JULY 23 (Saturday)

-Trail Work Day - New Construction

-Cooks Meadow Extension Trail Project


AUGUST 20 (Saturday)

-Trail Work Day on Cooks Meadow again

SEPTEMBER 24 (Saturday)

-Trail Work Day - More Cooks Meadow

OCTOBER 8 (Saturday)

-Trail Work Day - New Construction

-New Surveyor’s Ridge Trail

Our recommendation: Don’t hesitate to jump on these opportunities! Great way to meet new rippers to ride with and take part in the community ;D

Happy trails!