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Major service is by appointment only

**We require an initial estimate before performing any major service

**In Most cases We do not do same day service

We will schedule you for a thorough estimate to let you know what your bike needs to bring back to proper working order. The estimate will be performed within 24hrs of drop off. 

All work will be approved by you in advance, once approved we will schedule it accordingly. This could be up to 2 weeks minimum during peek season with suspension service.

If damper overhaul is necessary your fork/shock/dropper will need to be sent off to our service center with an average turnaround time of 2 weeks (independant of our schedule with you).

If you choose not to have us work on your bike you will have a thorough list of what needs to be done to get it going with your own mechanic.

**We offer a 30 day guarantee on our work, a 60 day guarantee on all "Overhaul" service packages and a 90 guarantee for all Suspension Factory Overhauls

**We have a limited capacity for working on older bikes (4 years or more)

Email with questions


We have compiled a list of key things to be PROACTIVE and aware of when thinking of servicing your bike:

  • When was the last time you bled your brakes? Was it longer than 8 months, multiple sets of pads?

    • If it has been longer than 8 months for a full flush or you have gone through more than 2 sets of pads it is time to get a brake bleed and piston love… maybe even a new rotor at that point.

  • Does your rear shock or fork make a slurpy sound?

    • If it does that is usually a very good sign that you need to perform a damper service or a factory overhaul. Even if your squishy bits aren’t leaking the inside may look like sludge or like champagne. Both of those are not good things to happen and can lead to more costly repairs in the future.

    • To alleviate this from happening make sure you perform your regular service intervals as recommended. Every 50-80hrs you need to replace the seals and bath oil, that will keep things running smooth and making sure the dampers are protected.

    • Another major thing is to NEVER EVER descend or jump in “climb” or “trial” mode. By doing so you can overwhelm your shocks and cause major internal damage that is not cheap to fix.

    • Also just servicing the seals and bath oil does not fix all the issues, make sure you get the correct service done that you need.

  • Does your dropper post come up slow? or does it sag a little bit when you sit on it?

    • Either of those symptoms are signs that your dropper post needs service…. NOT A WARRANTY. Most dropper posts can be serviced easily.

    • Whatever you NEVER PULL UP on the post if it is down or not coming back up. By doing this you may damage internal seals which leads to expensive repairs.

  • Does your bike sound like a creaky rocking chair?

    • If so this means that you have been using the water a little too much when washing your bike, never power wash it…. EVER!

    • This can also be a sign of your pivot bearings starting to seize up or even worse loose hardware or pivot bolts. Regularly checking that things are tight and not washing your bike in a “Waterfall” will help keep your bike bouncing smoothly down the trail.

  • Does your chain skip?

    • This is actually a combination of many factors but the major ones are easy to fix and prevent.

      • 1) Replace your chain sooner than later

      • 2) Keep your chain clean and do not over lube

      • 3) Make sure your derailleur hanger is not bent (check after crashing on the drive side before getting back up)

      • 4) Lubed and clean cables and housing goes a long way!

  • Do your tires not hold air if they are tubeless? When was the last time you had your sealant checked?

    • If this happens a lot it usually means that your sealant has dried up. Sealant needs to be topped off and check every 3-6 months.

    • Your valve cores may also be a culprit. They get clogged easily but the good thing is they only cost $2 to replace. Doing so will fix an air leak and make it easy to pump up and check air pressure.

    Feel free to stop by and ask questions