2018 Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 Step-Thru

MSRP $3400 • Sale $2650

If you want to enjoy coming downtown or to the event site this summer but don’t want to deal with the traffic or parking we have the solution for you!

  • Integrated head and tail lights with reflective tires and fenders make it too easy to just hop on and go!

  • Tough tires with sealant in the tubes to help prevent getting those annoying flats.

  • Integrated rear rack that can accommodate panniers.

  • Suspension fork to smooth out the ride with large volume tires with enough grip to ride on the gravel roads.

  • The Vado’s Specialized 1.2 motor is fully integrated with the frame and is custom-tuned for city riding. This means that it intuitively reacts to the force of your pedaling—so the harder you pedal, the more power it delivers. And with an internal belt drive design, it does this without added vibration for the smoothest and most silent ride possible.

  • Custom Specialized U1-460 battery is fully integrated with the frame, removable for easy charging, and lockable for added security. It communicates with the display and has multiple modes to maximize the overall efficiency and range.

  • Max Top Speed: 28 mph / 45 km/h

We have the following sizes available, only one each: